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Secrets of a Successful Post-doc

Dining under the super moon recently, the conversation between two SWS (senior woman scientists) turned to the topic of how best to advise junior scientists embarking on a two-year post-doctoral fellowship.  Here is our recipe for success: a) get your thesis papers submitted….on your own time; b) get your project off the ground quickly with an eye toward writing up new material by end of first year; and c) write/submit an NSF (or like) proposal in first year.  If these tasks are accomplished, the second year will likely be even more productive and you will be strongly positioned in a cut-throat job market.  If you are contemplating children, pay close attention to your benefits and the timing of allowed parental leaves.  For instance, if you start employment at Columbia with a one-month-old you may have little recourse to stop your 2-yr employment clock.

Here is a link to an AGU webinar on same topic.


Hope to see some Lamont students there!  Peter, Barbel, Mo will all be lecturing this year….

U.S. Graduate Student Scholarships for the Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatology (USSP)

The 11th Urbino Summer School in Paleoclimatology (9-24 July 2014; will provide graduate students with an intensive program on reconstructing the history and dynamics of paleoclimate through an integrated series of lectures, investigations, case studies, and field and laboratory analyses. To promote U.S. graduate student participation in this international experience, the NSF Geoscience Divisions and the Office of International Science and Engineering are funding ten scholarships to cover U.S. carrier airfare, stipend, and course expenses (including lodging). Interested students in U.S. graduate programs should email a pdf file comprised of a one-page CV and one-page statement on how the USSP would benefit their professional development as a researcher and educator to In addition, students should request their primary adviser to email a recommendation letter directly to the above email address. Members of historically underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. Deadline for receipt of application materials, including recommendation letters, is 15 April 2014.